SPLEBO A desktop type robot.[base unit]

Characteristic of SPLEBO®


  • Easy operation and beginner friendly
  • Easy teaching based on standardized basic operation
  • Can save and load program file between PC and robot

Low-priced / Cost-effective product

  • Realize low-priced robot by using our experienced know-how.
  • Minimized exclusive parts can be reduce mechanical parts cost
  • Multiple modify available by using base unit

Easy customized

  • Fully support customers demand

Standard specification of Base unit

Main body size 430(W)x537(D)x826(H)mm
*Body size can be change based on demand
Power supply AAC100V~AC200V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz 500VA
Required Air pressure 0.4〜0.5MPa(4〜5kgf/cm2)
*Dried air
Interpolation function 3 dimension liner curve interpolating / 2 dimension circular arc interpolating
Work size 210mmx240mm(X,Y)
Weight capacity (MAX) 5kg
Number of Program(MAX) 50 programs
Point memory capacity 950~1000 points