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Breathing function measuring devicesUnder development

Breathing function measuring devices

It is a device that monitors the resistance in the airway in real time by measuring flow and pressure inside the airway under a bronchial endoscope.
By monitoring the CO2and O2 in the airway under the bronchial endoscope, it is easy to recognize by image whether ventilation or blood flow is being performed normally, and it is possible to regards as assistance device for making necessary medical treatment on the spot.
Enable to monitor concentration of CO2 and O2 graphically at the same time

  • CO2/O2測定中

    CO2 / O2測定中

  • 呼気流量測定中


Ultrasound Power supply

Ultrasound Power supply

High-frequency power supply for ultrasound devices which is usage is versatile such as cutter and washer
*Tracking resonance point automatically
*Stable output
*Compact footprint (space-saving)

Motion Control board

Motion Control board

For desktop robot use motion controller by using network technology
Wireless LAN available, easy data transfer to SD card involved in main body available for , data save and data execute , motion programs such as each axis acceleration speed, drive speed, motion parameter, position parameter.

Function & Characteristic
・Motion program by CSV file Inport・Export available. You may use Excel file to make/edit motion programs.
・Wireless communication available,

  • Motion Control board
  • Motion Control board
  • Motion Control board

Ultasound Apply DevicesUnder development

Ultasound Apply Devices

Apply low frequency (500kHz or 800kHz ultrasonic vibration) by using pad.