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Development Results

  • Various desktop robot
    Sordering, Screwing, Pad-printing, Coating, Greasing, Routering, Assembling, Measurement


  • Motion control devices
    Ultrasonic motor, Stepping motor, AC survo motor
  • Various measurement devices for JAXA©JAXAVarious measurement devices
    Special measurement system, Measurement devices by using USB, Flow measurement
    (click image to enlarge it)

  • Various inspection devices by using sensor
    Atmosphere pressure sensor, Magnetic sensor, Current sensor, Humidity sensor, UV sensor, Water height sensor
  • Meteorological observation systems
  • Communications software for in-vehicle network
    Evaluation program by using CAN/LIN communication
  • Compact sized motion controller
    ARM M3 MPU board based on Arduino Due
  • CO2/O2 monitorMedical products
    CO2/O2 monitor, LED light control system for operating room ceiling
    (click image to view the details)
    Click here to download the details.(PDF:389KB)
  • Other control systems
    Keyboard sensitivity check system, Oil pump performance testing machine, Artifactual carbonated spring manufacturing equipment system, WLAN controller for printer
  • Other application
    Application for professional-use (Database system), WEB application system, Windows application, Linux application (such as QT)

*Those development results are illustrative only.