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To go ahead for change

Thank you for visiting COSMOSWEB website.
COSMOSWEB mainly provide commissioned development, trial manufacture, mass production, and special design.

We provide various type of design and fabrication with strong support from subcontract factory.
Their cooperation is essential to successful for us to achieve the target.

Our surrounding has been changing more rapidly than ever.
We adapt to the world’s rapid and drastic changes and never afraid taking an innovative step.
Globalization of business has been expanding in these latter days, and we manufactures products together with an overseas customers.
We keep on considering what kind of support we can do for customer.
Currently, COSMOSWEB provides desktop robot series called “SPLEBO”.
SPLEBO has our original motion controller and also it available for multiple axis (3axis/4axis) combine with slide axis.
We also able to design and manufacture several type of units for robot.
If you have our standard Base-robot, you can design and manufacture your own unit for them.
We will dedicated to customer satisfaction with our product such as desktop robot “SPLEBO”, jig and equipment devices.

We, all of employee keeps management philosophy in our mind and work hard with great enthusiasm.
We would greatly appreciate if you could extend us the warm understanding and assistance.

President  Naoyuki Yoshimura

Management philosophy

We seek for employee satisfaction of both materially and morally.
We always want emotion through work.
We always have thanks to you.