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COSMOSWEB has reliable technical strength in order to develop new product.

Major business activity are commissioned development and also we sale self developed product to the market.
Our goal to reach for to be a small manufactuaturer with big ambition for development.

  • Hardware design

    Hardware design

    *Development of PC-board with various type of microcomputer
    *Correspond to a huge variety of interface

  • Software design

    Software design

    Various type of software development, such as PC, Tablet, Smart phone application, Embedded Software, Server side system, etc

  • AW Design

    AW Design

    COSMOSWEB Art work design quality adapt to multiple needs and request from circuit designer, PCB maker.

  • Mechanical Design

    Mechanical Design

    Able to design labor-saving devices, desktop robot, and Jig, by using 3D CAD.


COSMOSWEB has excellent experienced technique
in order to create various type of product.

We offer PCB small amount of production as well as mass production based on customer needs.
Internal production and outside subcontract factory by using business network is available.

  • Procurment


    Multiple selection of supplier with reliable quality and price

  • Subcontractor with multiple process

    Subcontractor with multiple process

    *Mechanical and Resin process by using Machining centre, Milling machine, and Turning machine.
    *Sheet metal process by using Laser process machine, Turret punch press

  • PCB Mounting

    PCB Mounting

    *Manual and Auto mounting is available for SMT and DIP board.

  • Assembly, Wiring, Adjustment, Debug

    Assembly, Wiring, Adjustment, Debug

    *Mechanical Assembly, Wiring, and Debug
    *Control board

Oversea Sales

Japan to the World

Our goal to reach for to be a global reliable manufacturer

Oversea Sales ・Result

Oversea Sales ・Result

Entrusted Development

Experienced technique and excellent Know-how support
COSMOSWEB products development result

  • Development Flow

    Development Flow
  • Entrusted Development Result

    Entrusted Development Result